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Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund Management

posted 12/16/2011 - 1 Comments | Share Post

I am writing you on behalf of Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund management which has an intent to launch a housing/mortgage market research unit in order to follow recent market developments, determine the trends both at national and international markets and perhaps anticipate some market expectations. With that purpose we are curious to learn best international practices among mortgage agencies and institutions to learn and compare different experience. We would be very grateful if you could share with us any methodology which is in use within your organization, any samples of regular reports/bulletins published  in your institutions just to see what indicators are most often used to get an idea of international trends in housing and mortgage markets. If you know any on-line references where we should apply for please feel free to share. I appreciate you kind assistance in advance and if you have any question to us please contact me at mmammadov [at] . Or if you want to post a response to the blog then please contact Hofinet (hofinetmail [at]

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Post by Arvind - 4/18/2014

This is informative!

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