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CNB increases Countercyclical Buffer Rate

The CNB Bank has decided to increase the countercyclical capital buffer rate to 1.25%.

Housing and the tax system: how large are the distortions in the euro area?

This paper by the Housing Finance Consumption Network (HFCN) of the European Central Bank shows evidence of the size and impact of various preferential tax treatments of home-ownership across 15 European countries. More>>

Fannie Mae DTI Announcement
On May 30,2017 Fannie May announced that it planned to make changes to it underwriting policies. 
European Systemic Risk Board Issues Eight Warnings on Medium-Term Residential Real Estate Vulnerabilities
The European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) has published a set of country-specific warnings on medium-term vulnerabilities in the residential real estate sector. More>>
Structured Finance Industry Group issues latest Green Paper: RMBS 3.0
RMBS 3.0 is an initiative of the Structured Finance Industry Group (SFIG), established with the primary goal of re-invigorating the "private label" residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) market in the US after the crisis. More>>
European Systemic Risk Board Makes Recommendations on Closing Real Estate Data Gaps
Earlier work by the ESRB identified the significance of developments in the real estate sector for financial stability and the considerable data gaps that continue to exist in this area. With this recommendation, which covers both the residential and commercial real estate sectors, the ESRB aims to establish a more harmonized framework for monitoring developments in real estate markets in the European Union. More>>
Kenya Approves Bill to Cap Interest Rates

Last week Kenya’s parliament approved a bill to cap interest rates to 4 percent above the Central Bank of Kenya’s benchmark rate, currently at 10.5 percent. More>>

Draft of the UN Habitat III New Urban Agenda Released
The Draft New Urban Agenda has been prepared on the basis of inputs and negotiations throughout the Habitat III intersessional process leading to PrepCom3. More>>
Britain’s House of Lords Concludes its Inquiry in the Housing Sector
The Select Committee on Economic Affairs of the United Kingdom’s House of Lords concluded its inquiry into the performance of the housing sector. The committee consulted an impressive range of professionals, both national and international, and set out its recommendations in its report “Building More Homes” published on July 15, 2016. More>>
US Government Warns about Increased Risks Related to Commercial Real Estate Lending

In its Semiannual Risk Perspective for Spring 2016, the Office of the Comptroller of the currency (OCC) reported that strategic, credit, operational, and compliance risks facing National Banks and Federal Savings Associations remain top concerns. More>> 

BSP Releases Results of the RREPI Index for the Philippines Using Information from Banks' Housing Loan Applications

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) released today residential real estate price indices (RREPI) which could serve as a measure in assessing the trends in housing prices. The construction of RREPI based on banks’ approved housing loan applications is a first in the Philippines. More>>

Greek Agreement on Mortgage NPLs
An agreement was reached on how to deal with the growing mortgage NPLs in the banking system as part of a comprehensive agreement on fiscal and banking reforms between Greece, the IMF and the European Union. More>>

Freddie Mac Reports Third Quarter 2015 Net Loss
For the first time in four years Freddie Mac, the US government-owned mortgage conduit, posted a US$475 million loss in the period after marking down its investment in derivatives by US $4.17 billion. More>>
Brazil Announces Minha Casa Minha Vida 3

The government has announced the third phase of its low income housing program Minha Casa Minha Vida (MCMV), its loan-linked demand side subsidy program.  More>>

Poland’s Controversy about Law to Convert Foreign Currency Mortgages
When the Swiss National Bank decided to drop the peg against the Euro in January 2015, and the Swiss franc soared against the region’s currencies, especially the Polish zloty, many mortgagees of Swiss franc denominated mortgages (estimated at more than 650,000) saw their mortgage payments rise. More>>
Increase in South Korean Residential Mortgage-Securitization

South Koreas residential mortgage securitization increased dramatically in the first half of 2015, due to a Government policy to stimulate borrowers to move to less risky mortgage instruments. More>>

The Russian Federation Establishes a Single Development Institute for the Housing Sector
A federal law in the Russian Federation was enacted in July 2015 which established a single development institute for the housing sector. More>>
The Global Findex Database 2014
The World Bank has just released the second edition of the Global Financial Inclusion (Global Findex) database. The Global Findex database provides comparable indicators showing how people around the world save, borrow, make payments and manage risk. More>>
Nigerian Mortgage Refinancing Company Open For Business
Professor Charles Inyangette, CEO of the Nigerian Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC) disclosed that the NMRC has fully commenced operations, having received its license from the Central Bank of Nigeria last month. More>>
Ireland Proposes Stricter Mortgage Regulations
The Central Bank of Ireland announced the introduction of new regulations which will apply proportionate limits to mortgage lending by regulated financial services providers. The measures introduce proportionate limits for loan to value and loan to income measurements for both primary dwelling houses and buy to let mortgages. More>>
Mexico's Infonavit Will Offer Fixed-Rate Mortgages Without a Cap on Size
The Government-owned housing lender Instituto del Fondo Nacional de la Vivienda para los Trabajadores (Infonavit) announced that it would begin offering fixed-rate mortgages and remove caps on the size of the loans it offers to its members, i.e., private formal sector employees who contribute 5 percent of their income to the fund. More>>

Other News

News Year:

Date News Theme Country
2/18/2020 Institute for Urban Economics Presents Housing and Urban Planning Research on Russian Metropolitan Areas  Russian Federation 
12/19/2017 Accepting Applications for IHFP 2018   
12/18/2017 CNB increases Countercyclical Buffer Rate  Czech Republic 
8/2/2017 Housing and the tax system: how large are the distortions in the euro area?  Housing Finance Policy  
6/5/2017 Fannie Mae DTI Announcement Housing Finance Policy  
11/30/2016 European Systemic Risk Board Issues Eight Warnings on Medium-Term Residential Real Estate Vulnerabilities Comparing Housing Finance Systems  
11/29/2016 Structured Finance Industry Group issues latest Green Paper: RMBS 3.0 Funding Housing Finance United States 
10/31/2016 European Systemic Risk Board Makes Recommendations on Closing Real Estate Data Gaps Housing Finance and the Economy  
8/10/2016 Kenya Approves Bill to Cap Interest Rates  Housing Finance Policy Kenya 
7/26/2016 Draft of the UN Habitat III New Urban Agenda Released Housing Finance Policy  
7/21/2016 Britain’s House of Lords Concludes its Inquiry in the Housing Sector Housing Finance Policy United Kingdom 
7/12/2016 US Government Warns about Increased Risks Related to Commercial Real Estate Lending Housing Finance and the Economy United States 
6/14/2016 BSP Releases Results of the RREPI Index for the Philippines Using Information from Banks' Housing Loan Applications Housing Finance and the Economy Philippines 
11/19/2015 Greek Agreement on Mortgage NPLs Housing Finance Policy Greece 
11/3/2015 Freddie Mac Reports Third Quarter 2015 Net Loss Housing Finance Policy United States 
9/10/2015 Brazil Announces Minha Casa Minha Vida 3 Funding Housing Finance Brazil 
9/5/2015 Poland’s Controversy about Law to Convert Foreign Currency Mortgages  Housing Finance Policy Poland 
7/10/2015 Increase in South Korean Residential Mortgage-Securitization Housing Finance and the Economy Korea, Republic of 
7/1/2015 The Russian Federation Establishes a Single Development Institute for the Housing Sector Funding Housing Finance Poland 
5/7/2015 The Global Findex Database 2014    
3/6/2015 Nigerian Mortgage Refinancing Company Open For Business Funding Housing Finance Nigeria 
2/4/2015 Ireland Proposes Stricter Mortgage Regulations Housing Finance Policy Ireland 
2/4/2015 Mexico's Infonavit Will Offer Fixed-Rate Mortgages Without a Cap on Size Funding Housing Finance Mexico  
10/23/2014 US Federal Agencies Final Risk Retention Rule for Sponsors of Mortgage-backed Securities Funding Housing Finance United States 
8/25/2014 Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen on the US Labor Market and Inflation Housing Finance and the Economy United States 
6/30/2014 Basel Committee: Review of the Pillar 3 disclosure requirements - consultative document Retail Housing Finance  
6/27/2014 Bank of England Imposes Limits on Mortgage Borrowing Housing Finance Policy United Kingdom 
6/27/2014 Bank of England Given Explicit Powers to Deal with Housing Bubbles Housing Finance Policy United Kingdom 
5/2/2014 Joint Paper by the European Central Bank and Bank of England on the Securitization Market in the EU Funding Housing Finance  
4/25/2014 Microfinance: Learning from Developing Countries — and Past Experience Retail Housing Finance  
3/24/2014 Conavi release Mexico's Housing Sector Monthly Report for March 2014 Housing Finance and the Economy Mexico  
3/17/2014 2012-2013 English Housing Survey Results  Housing Finance and the Economy United Kingdom 
3/17/2014 SEC Proposes Rules for Systemically Important and Security-Based Swap Clearing Agencies Housing Finance Policy United States 
2/4/2014 European Union issued Directive on Credit Agreements Relating to Immovable Property Housing Finance Policy  
1/23/2014 Basel Committee Endorses Proposals on a Common Definition of the Leverage Ratio and Changes to the Net Stable Funding Ratio Housing Finance Policy  
1/17/2014 Reserve Bank of India Moves to Open Up Access to Financial Services Retail Housing Finance, Funding Housing Finance, Housing Finance Policy India 
1/14/2014 UK Housing Recovery Broadens with Increased House Prices  United Kingdom 
12/16/2013 HUD Releases 'Qualified Mortgage' Definition Retail Housing Finance United States 
12/12/2013 Federal Agencies Issue Final Rules Implementing the “Volcker Rule” Housing Finance Policy United States 
12/12/2013 Government of South Africa Moves to Protect Consumers and Assist Over-Indebted Households  South Africa 
11/25/2013 Brazil’s Housing Deficit Figures Show Improvement  Brazil 
11/18/2013 Deutsche Bundesbank Sees Possible Overvaluation of Residential Property in German Cities  Germany 
11/14/2013 David Miles: Housing, Leverage and Stability in the Wider Economy Housing Finance and the Economy, Housing Finance Policy  
10/30/2013 OCC and FDIC Propose Rule to Strengthen Liquidity Risk Management Housing Finance Policy United States 
10/24/2013 Outlook for Russia’s Housing and Mortgage Market, Q1 2013  Russian Federation 
10/24/2013 The European Central Bank Starts Bank Stress Tests   
10/23/2013 U.S. Economic and Housing Market Outlook   United States 
9/30/2013 Signs that India is Opening up to Foreign Investment  India 
9/23/2013 Mexican Government’s Stimulus Measures Target Housing and Infrastructure Sectors  Mexico  
9/18/2013 Country Change Readiness Index   
9/16/2013 Important Policy Papers on Macroprudential Policy Housing Finance Policy  
8/28/2013 A New Qualified Residential Mortgage Rule for the US? Housing Finance Policy  
8/20/2013 Fed Paper on Internal Capital Planning Procedures at Large Bank Holding Companies Housing Finance Policy  
8/20/2013 Bank of International Settlements Regulatory Guidelines for the Mortgage Insurance Industry Retail Housing Finance  
8/10/2013 An Important Step Toward Global Property Measurement Standards Housing Finance Policy  
8/6/2013 Canada's CMHC to Cap Its Guarantees to Issuers of NHA MBS to C$350 Million for the Remainder of 2013  Canada 
7/10/2013 US Dodd-Frank Mortgage Rules Readiness Guide Housing Finance Policy United States 
7/3/2013 Fed Approves Final Rule on Capital Requirements Housing Finance Policy United States 
6/26/2013 US Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Market Coming Back  United States 
6/25/2013 Focus on House Prices in OECD Countries   
6/1/2013 Update on Poland's Real Estate Market for Q1 2013  Poland 
5/23/2013 High Home-Ownership Rate Has an Adverse Effect on the Labor Market   
4/19/2013 Home Ownership in England and Wales Falls for the First Time Since 1918  Housing Finance and the Economy, Housing Finance Policy United Kingdom 
4/12/2013 Oxford Economics Study Reaffirms the Negative Impact of Increased Bank Capital and Liquidity Requirements on Economic Growth    
3/29/2013 The UK’s FSA Finalized Rules and Regulations for Financial Benchmarks  United Kingdom 
3/29/2013 Nigeria’s Central Bank Approves Framework for a Mortgage Refinance Company  Nigeria 
3/1/2013 The State Council of China Issued a Statement on New Policies to Limit further House Price Increases  China 
2/26/2013 US Bipartisan Policy Center Commission Recommends New Systems for Housing Finance and Federal Rental Assistance  United States 
2/8/2013 The European Union Has A House Price Index   
1/9/2013 U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Announces Qualified Mortgage Guidelines Retail Housing Finance  
1/7/2013 Basel III: The Liquidity Coverage Ratio and liquidity risk monitoring tools   
1/4/2013 Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan Highlights Demographic Trends as Key Drivers of Property Price Movements  Japan 
12/17/2012 Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation Announces Corporate Bond Framework   
12/4/2012 Operating Principles and Areas of Exploration in the Regulation of the Cross-Border OTC Derivatives Market   
11/16/2012 FreddieMac: Economic and Housing Market Outlook Compared to What a Healthy Housing Market Should Look Like  United States 
11/16/2012 FHA’s Assets Will Not Cover Projected Losses and May Need Bail-out  United States 
10/31/2012 Hong Kong Levies 15% Tax on Property Purchases by Foreigners  Hong Kong SAR, China 
10/28/2012 Financial Services Authority (UK) Confirms New Rules for the Mortgage Market  United Kingdom 
10/23/2012 FHFA Releases White Paper on Proposed Common Securitization Platform Funding Housing Finance United States 
10/9/2012 Governor of Bank of England Assesses Twenty Years of Inflation Targeting   
9/26/2012 France Nationalizes Its Second Largest Mortgage Lender  France 
9/17/2012 First SEC Registered Covered Bonds Sale in the US by RBC  Canada, United States 
9/17/2012 FED Will Buy More Than Half of All Agency MBS until Labor Markets Improve  United States 
9/17/2012 Government of Brazil Injects New Capital into CAIXA  Brazil 
9/14/2012 Center for Responsible Lending Issues a Brief on Potential Negative Impact of a Government Mandated 10 Percent Down-Payment   United States 
9/12/2012 Global Housing Cycles   
8/20/2012 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Proposes Rules to Bring Greater Accountability to Mortgage Market Retail Housing Finance United States 
8/20/2012  The US Treasury Takes Steps to Expedite Wind Down of FNMA and Freddie Mac  United States 
8/16/2012 Six US Regulators Announce Common Appraisal Rules for High Risk Mortgages  United States 
8/13/2012 US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Proposes New Mortgage Servicing Rules  United States 
8/9/2012 FHFA Refused Proposed Principle Reduction Program for Underwater Borrowers  United States 
8/8/2012 European Parliament Delays Vote on Proposed Directive on Mortgage Regulation until December 2012   
8/8/2012 A Long-Term View of France’s Home Prices  France 
8/7/2012 Indian Central Bank Modifies Rules Governing Non-Bank Financial Company - Micro-Finance Institutions  India 
7/30/2012 Center for Responsible Lending says No Credit Crunch as a Result of Consumer Protection Reforms included in Dodd-Frank   
7/26/2012 Underestimating Supply Constraints in the UK Housing Market  United Kingdom 
7/17/2012 Social Performance Taskforce Finalizes Universal Standards for Social Performance Management for Microfinance Institutions Retail Housing Finance, Housing Finance Policy  
7/5/2012 US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Issues Study on Reverse Mortgages  United States 
7/2/2012 Saudi Arabia Approves Mortgage Law  Saudi Arabia 
6/21/2012 Canada Announces Tightening of Mortgage Rules  Canada 
6/21/2012 Brazil Increases Maximum Amortization Term  Brazil 
5/30/2012 Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Credit Agreements Relating to Residential Property Housing Finance Policy  
5/16/2012 US: FHFA Releases Draft Strategic Plan for Public Comment  United States 
5/10/2012 Brazil Moves to Index "Poupança" Interest Rates on the SELIC Rate  Brazil 
4/27/2012 FSB Announces Next Round of Principles for Sound Residential Mortgage Underwriting Practices Housing Finance Policy  
4/13/2012 U.S. Moves Closer To Mortgage Writedowns  United States 
4/4/2012 Canada: Enhanced Oversight of the Mortgage Insurance Industry and Progress on the Legislative Framework for Mortgage Bonds  Canada 
3/14/2012 UK’s FSA Publishes Mortgage Sector Statistics for 2010 Q3 to 2011 Q4  United Kingdom 
3/2/2012 Speech: National Balance Sheets and Macro Policy: Lessons from the Past  United Kingdom 
2/3/2012 UK’s FSA issues Mortgage Market Review: Proposed Package of Reforms Housing Finance Policy United Kingdom 
1/10/2012 FED Issues White Paper on Housing Market and Related Policy Considerations  United States 
12/9/2011 Russia’s AHML Announces 2nd Quarter Mortgage Market Results  Russian Federation 
11/23/2011 David Miles Speech on Mortgages, Housing and Monetary Policy  Housing Finance Policy United Kingdom 
11/3/2011 UK’s Financial Service Authority (FSA) Proposes Guidance on Structured Products  United Kingdom 
10/31/2011 G20 Finance Ministers Agree on High-Level Financial Consumer Protection Principles Housing Finance Policy  
10/27/2011 Islamic Financial Services Board Actions Addresses IFIs Liquidity Constraints   
10/27/2011 Brazil Expands Secondary Mortgage Market  Brazil 
10/26/2011 FSB Releases Consultation Paper on Principles for Sound Residential Mortgage Underwriting Practices Housing Finance Policy  
10/20/2011 First Status Report on Basel II, Basel 2.5 and Basel III Implementation Housing Finance Policy  
10/20/2011 Freddie Mac Shows Upswing in Rental Market in USA   United States 
10/11/2011 Economic Costs and Benefits of BIS Proposals to Increase Capital Requirements for Large Global Banks   
9/19/2011 Renewed Commitment by Members of the African Union for Housing Finance   South Africa 
9/15/2011 US and European Union Move Forward on Legislation Concerning Mortgage Credit   
9/15/2011 European Commission Proposal for Banking Regulation - CRD IV   
8/30/2011 Nigeria’s Central Bank Leads Housing Finance Sector Reform  Nigeria 
8/5/2011 The US Congress Joint Committee on Taxation releases two comprehensive reports on the taxation of debt Housing Finance Policy  
8/1/2011 Brazil’s Caixa Issues First RMBS   Brazil 
7/18/2011 European Banking Authority Publishes the EU-Wide Stress Test Aggregate Report   
7/5/2011 Korea’s Financial Services Commission Announces Tighter Regulations on Household Loans   Korea, Republic of 
6/28/2011 Mexico’s SHF to Eliminate UDI Loans in 2011  Mexico  
6/28/2011 UK Financial Services Authority Releases Document on its Approach to Regulation and Consumer Protection  United Kingdom 
6/3/2011 U.S. Congressional Budget Office Testified on Several Topics Related to the Government’s Mortgage Programs Housing Finance Policy United States 
5/23/2011 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Proposes Rules to Improve Transparency & Integrity of Credit Ratings   
5/15/2011 The Reserve Bank of India Proposes Regulation on the Micro-Finance Sector  India 
5/13/2011 Fannie Mae Reports a Net Loss of $6.5 Billion for the First Quarter   
5/12/2011 Freddie Mac Releases May 2011 U.S. Economic & Housing Market Outlook  United States 
5/12/2011 Fiserv Releases Analysis of U.S. Home Price Indexes   
5/11/2011 The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Seeks Public Comment to Assist in Study on Assigned Credit Ratings   
5/10/2011 UN-Habitat Publishes Policy Guide to Rental Housing in Developing Countries  Housing Finance Policy  
4/25/2011 FSB Publishes a Background Note on Shadow Banking Housing Finance Policy  
3/24/2011 FSB Publishes Peer Review on Residential Mortgage Underwriting and Origination Practices  Housing Finance Policy  
3/18/2011 Financial Services Authority Publishes Prudential Risk Outlook 2011   
2/14/2011 Reforming America’s Housing Finance Market: A Report to Congress  United States 
1/27/2011 Patterns of Global Urban Expansion: Implications for the Future Housing Finance and the Economy  
1/7/2011 Basel Committee Releases "A Global Regulatory Framework" Housing Finance Policy  
9/10/2010 Basel Committee Releases Microfinance Guidelines Retail Housing Finance  
7/2/2010 G20 Proposes Nine Principles for Innovative Financial Inclusion Retail Housing Finance  


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