Country Change Readiness Index

Date Published 9/18/2013
Author Marja Hoek-Smit

Country Change Readiness Index

September 17, 2013

KPMG, in collaboration with Oxford Economics, developed the Change Readiness Index (CRI) – an index, which assesses the ability of 90 countries (developed and developing) to manage change and cultivate the resulting opportunity.

Its website offers an interactive map that provides access to country profiles that include specific strengths and opportunities, country, region and income level comparisons, and full rankings list for the overall CRI and the three pillars (Enterprise Capability, Government Capability, and People & Civil Society Capability).

Change can include short-term negative shocks, such as natural disasters or social instability, or longer-term change opportunities, such as technologies or emerging market growth and competition. The way a country responds to, mitigates, and takes advantage of change has a significant impact on its ability to achieve sustained economic growth and share the benefits of that growth with all of its citizens. The CRI can be used to inform national governments to identify and address capability gaps, the development community to better tailor aid programs, and private sector enterprises to improve the targeting of their investments and the reduction of risks.

For the 2013 CRI, KPMG worked with the researchers at Oxford Economics to develop the Index. In addition to recommended adjustments from the experts at Oxford Economics, we also incorporated feedback from industry experts on the 2012 CRI to make the Index even more informative and useful. Changes included a broader pool of countries, expanded sub-indices, and enriched primary research.

Change Readiness Index (CRI)

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