Rental Housing: Lessons from International Experience and Policies for Emerging Markets

The World Bank

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Date Published 2013
Primary Author Ira Gary Peppercorn and Claude Taffin
Other Authors
Theme Rental Housing


The vast majority of rental housing around the world is unsubsidized and in private hands. Everywhere there are great needs for safe, decent, and affordable housing at the lowest income levels. A few countries-mostly developed ones-have a sizable social rental sector, yet even here the demand cannot be met and there are often long waiting lists for subsidized housing in the main cities. In most emerging economies, the only affordable rentals available are in the informal sector, with poor housing conditions and little security of tenure.This book is an effort to bring rental housing to the forefront of the housing agenda of countries around the world and to provide general guidance for policy makers whose actions can have an effect on where and how people live. It warns of the challenges they face and provides guidelines on how to develop or redevelop a sound rental sector. In doing so, it can enable key players in housing markets-be they government officials, private rental property owners, financiers and nongovernmental organizations-to add rental housing as a critical housing option and to have an informed discussion on how best to stimulate this sector.

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