European Covered Bond Fact Book

European Covered Bond Council

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Date Published 2012
Primary Author European Covered Bond Council
Other Authors
Theme Mortgage Bonds


This Seventh Edition of the ECBC European Covered Bond Fact Book builds on the success of previous editions, as the benchmark and the most comprehensive source of information on the asset class. Chapter I presents an analysis of eleven key themes of the year, offering an overview of the industry views on these themes. Chapter II provides a detailed explanation of covered bond fundamentals, including reviews of some of the current European regulatory changes that are bound to have a direct, significant impact on covered bonds, mainly the Commission’s CRD IV Proposal, Solvency II and MiFIR. This chapter also includes articles investigating the relationship between covered bonds and other asset classes such as senior unsecured and government bonds. Chapter III presents an overview of the legislation and markets in 33 countries. Chapter IV sets out the rating agencies covered bond methodologies and, finally, Chapter V provides a description of trends in the covered bond market as well as a complete set of covered bond statistics.

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