2011 Population and Housing Census

Ministry of Planning and the Economy

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Date Published 2011
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Theme Housing Market & Urban Indicators, Housing Supply
Country Trinidad and Tobago


The Central Statistical Office is pleased to release preliminary estimates on the traditional decennial Population and Housing Census which was conducted during the period 9th January – 31st May 2011. The Census was originally scheduled for 16th May to 30th June 2010 but was postponed when Parliament was prorogued before the Census Order the legal authority for the conduct of the census was passed. Trinidad and Tobago comprises 15 Regions divided into two thousand, eight hundred and twenty four (2,824) Enumeration Districts (EDs) which were canvassed by two thousand five hundred and eighty eight (2588) enumerators. Each enumerator was responsible for listing all buildings, dwellings, households, business places, institutions and agricultural holdings, as well as interviewing each household in his or her assigned ED. This Preliminary Report provides a count of the population and other enumeration units at the Regional level. The source of this count was the Visitation (Listing) Record. These figures will be revised after all questionnaires have been processed. Users are therefore reminded that these numbers are preliminary and should be used as provisional figures until the final numbers are published. The information provided is presented in fourteen (14) tabulations giving a trend of the population from 1851 to present, descriptions of the population - non- institutional and institutional and other collective living quarters, comparisons between the 2000 and the 2011 census and disaggregation of the population by region and by sex. Counts of street dwellers and other enumeration units (buildings, dwellings, business places and institutions) are also included. Key concepts and definitions are presented for your information and ease of reference. A metadata repository will be available with the final full disclosure of census results

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