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Date Published 2007
Primary Author Bangladesh Bank
Other Authors
Theme Regulation and Supervision of Housing Finance Systems, Mortgage Products
Country Bangladesh


This Guideline has been prepared by a committee set up by the Bangladesh Bank. Comments were received from various quarters. While preparing this guideline on Asset / Mortgage Backed Securities, the committee consulted the regional guidelines including India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Moreover, best practices around the developed market has also been reviewed and taken into consideration while recommending medium to long-term policies initiative to develop the overall bond market in Bangladesh. Banks and non-bank Financial Institutions in Bangladesh can follow this as tentative guideline to develop Asset/Mortgage backed Securities in Bangladesh. This guideline should be used in consistent with other prudential norms and guidelines circulated by the Bangladesh Bank. In addition to these, Banks/Financial Institutions may use their own appraisal and control procedures in line with the objectives of their organizations. This tentative guideline revised after getting feedbacks while implementing this by the Banks/Financial Institutions and from other interested parties. Bangladesh Bank acknowledges with gratitude, the contributions of the Committee Members and other who provided valuable comments at various stages of preparation of this document.

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