The Housing Finance Sector data for Indonesia extends back to 2008. Please click on the Research Center tab above to access data for previous years not shown.

Indonesia: Statistical Data At-A-Glance
Total population257.56 million2015WDI
Urban population (% of total)53.74% of total2015WDI
GDP, current prices (U.S. dollars)858,953 USD (millions)2015WEO
GDP based on PPP per capita GDP (Current international dollar)11,125.92 USD 2015WEO
Inflation, end of period consumer prices (Percent change)3.35%2015WEO
Average bank deposit rate8.34%2015IFS
Lending rate12.66%2015IFS
Owner-occupied unitsNot available2013
Total amount of home mortgage loans outstanding at the end of year in millions of USD:23,647.63 USD (millions)2015Bank Indonesia
Total amount of home mortgage loans outstanding at the end of year as % of GDP (current)2.75%2015Bank Indonesia
Total # of home mortgage loans outstanding at the end of year21,991.61 thousand2013SMF Report
Typical LTV at origination70%2013Bank Indonesia, Surat Edaran Bank Indonesia No.15/40/DKMP tahun 2014
Typical pmt-to-income ratio (HH income)33.33%2013SMF, Historical and Interview Divisi Bisnis
Retail funding (deposits/other)primary2014SMF, Divisi Bisnis
Typical number of days needed for the transfer of title27.42015WDI

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