United Kingdom

United Kingdom: Statistical Data At-A-Glance
Total population65.14 million2015WDI
Urban population (% of total)82.59% of total2015WDI
GDP, current prices (U.S. dollars)2,849,345 USD (millions)2015WEO
GDP based on PPP per capita GDP (Current international dollar)41,158.91 USD 2015WEO
Inflation, end of period consumer prices (Percent change).1%2015WEO
Average bank deposit rate.39%2015Bank of England
Lending rateNot available2015IFS
Owner-occupied units64.8% of total2014English Housing Survey
Total amount of home mortgage loans outstanding at the end of year in millions of USD:1,907,579 USD (millions)2015Country Editor: Bank of England
Total amount of home mortgage loans outstanding at the end of year as % of GDP (current)68.32%2015Country Editor: Bank of England
Total # of home mortgage loans outstanding at the end of year11,129 thousand2015Country Editor
Typical LTV at origination762015Country Editor
Typical pmt-to-income ratio (HH income)Not available2011
Retail funding (deposits/other)primary2015International Comparison of Mortgage Product Offerings
Funding through mortgage bonds tertiary2015IMF
Funding through securitization of mortgagessecondary2015IMF
Typical number of days needed for the transfer of title21.52015WDI

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Peter is the Director of the University of Cambridge Center for Housing and Planning Research and a consultant working in the areas of housing finance, markets and policy. He is Executive Director of the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association and a Board member of the Kent Reliance Provident Society and One Savings Bank, Consult CIH, the National Housing Federation and Thames Valley Housing Association and Chairman of Acadametrics, the house price consultancy. He is a Visiting Professor at the Center for Housing Policy, University of York.

He was previously Chairman of the Government’s National Housing and Planning Advice Unit (NHPAU), Deputy Director General of the Council of Mortgage Lenders, Professor of Housing at the University of Wales, Cardiff, Deputy Director of the Chartered Institute of Housing and a Board Member of the Housing Corporation and Tai Cymru. He has authored and edited several books on housing and social change and is on the Management Board of the journal Housing Studies.

Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML)

The Council of Mortgage Lenders is the main trade body representing UK mortgage lenders. Its members are banks, building societies, and other lenders who together account for about 97% of the nation's residential lending.