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August 20, 2018Housing Affordability in Urban China: A Comprehensive OverviewKeyang Li, Yu Qin, Jing Wu
2018Stabilizing China's Housing MarketRichard Koss
2017The Changing Landscape of Condominium Laws and Urban Governance in ChinaLei Chen
2017Monetary Policy, Hot Money and Housing Price Growth across Chinese CitiesXiaoyu Huang
2017A Quantitative Evaluation of the Housing Provident Fund Program in ChinaXiaoqing Zhou
2017Assessing China’s Residential Real Estate Market Ding Ding, Xiaoyu Huang, Tao Jin and W. Raphael Lam
2016Mortgage Enforcement and Public Regulatory Actions in China in Selected Chinese CitiesXinrui Shi
2015What Will China Do When Land Use Rights Begin to Expire? The Evolution toward Rule of Law in Real EstateGregory M. Stein
2015Accessibility of Homeownership in Urban China: An Empirical Study of Borrower Characteristics and the Housing Provident FundWeizhuo Wang
2015Understanding Residential Real Estate in ChinaMali Chivakul, W. Raphael Lam, Xiaoguang Liu, Wojciech Maliszewski, and Alfred Schipke
2015Demystifying the Chinese Housing BoomHanming Fang, Quanlin Gu, Wei Xiong, and Li-An Zhou
2015Evaluating the Risk of Chinese Housing Markets: What We Know and What We Need to KnowYongheng Deng, Joe Gyourko and Jing Wu
2015Chinese Mainland Real Estate Markets 2015: ULI Analysis of City Investment ProspectsKenneth Rhee and Anita Kramer
2015Urbanization, Land Development, and Land Financing: Evidence from Chinese CitiesLin Ye
2015Fundamentals and the Volatility of Real Estate Prices in China: A Sequential Modelling StrategyYongheng Deng
2015Spatial Implications of the Current Chinese Land-tenure System and Impacts of Property Tax ReformVoith and Wong
2014How Can Low-income Housing Avoid Becoming Slum? The Governance Approach in ChinaFeng Deng
2014The Great Housing Boom of ChinaKaiji Chen and Yi Wen
2014Financing Affordable Housing Through Compulsory Saving: The Two-Decade Experience of Housing Provident Fund in ChinaJie Chen and Lan Deng
2014Fiscal Vulnerabilities and Risks from Local Government Finance in ChinaYuanyan Sophia Zhang
2014Urban China: Toward Efficient, Inclusive and Sustainable UrbanizationWorld Bank, Development Research Center of China’s State Council
2014China’s Monetary Policy and Interest Rate Liberalization: Lessons from International ExperiencesWei Liao and Sampawende J.-A. Tapsoba
2013Is There Evidence of a Real Estate Collateral Channel Effect on Listed Firm Investment in China?Jing Wu
2013How Effective are Macroprudential Policies in China?Bin Wang
2013Chinese Real Estate Market Performance: Stock Market Linkages, Liquidity Pressures, and Inflationary EffectsRichard C. K. Burdekin
2013China’s Demography and its ImplicationsIl Houng Lee
2013Chinese Residential Land Price IndexesYongheng Deng, Josepg Gyourko, Jing Wu
2013Government Interventions on Land and Housing Markets in ChinaYongheng Deng
2013Two Sides of the Same Coin? Rebalancing and Inclusive Growth in China Il Houng Lee
2013Housing Property Prices: Failing to See the Forest for the TreesSociété Générale
2013The Chinese Financial SystemDouglas J. Elliott and Kai Yan
2012China's Housing Market: Is a Bubble About to Burst?James R. Barth, Michael Lea and Tong Li
2012Credit Access and Housing Consumption: The Case of the Housing Provident FundYilan Xu
2012Findings from the China Household Finance SurveyLi Gan
2012The Spillover Effects of a Downturn in China’s Real Estate InvestmentAshvin Ahuja
2012China Financial Stability Report 2012Financial Stability Analysis Group of the People's Bank of China
2012Real Estate Prices in Beijing, 1644 to 1840Daniel Raff
2012House Price Index Construction in the Nascent Housing Market: The Case of ChinaJing Wu
2012China's Housing Market: Is a Bubble About to Burst?James Barth, Michael Lea, Tong Li
2012Land and House Price Measurement in ChinaYongheng Deng, Josepg Gyourko, Jing Wu
2012China 2030: Building a Modern, Harmonius, and Creative High-Income SocietyThe World Bank
2011People’s Republic of China: Financial System Stability AssessmentMonetary and Capital Markets and Asia and Pacific Departments
2011China's Housing Finance System Going Forward: An Illustative Case Study of ShenzhenDominic Wong
2011Housing Policies in China: Issues and OptionsYves Zenou
2010Evaluating Conditions in Major Chinese Housing MarketsJoseph Gyourko, Yongheng Deng, Jing Wu
2010Achievements and Challenges: 30 Years of Housing Reforms in the People’s Republic of ChinaLu Gao
2010Income Uncertainty and Household Savings in ChinaMarcos Chamon, Kai Liu, Eswar Prasad
2010China’s Land Market Auctions: Evidence of Corruption?Hongbin Cai, J. Vernon Henderson, and Qinghua Zhang
2010Are House Prices Rising Too Fast in China?International Monetary Fund
2009Housing Policy and Finance in China: A Literature ReviewLan Deng, Qingyun Shen and Lin Wang
2009Governance and Fund Management in the Chinese Pension SystemGregorio Impavido
2009Development of Consumer Credit in ChinaShen Bingxi and Yan Lijuan
2009The Housing Provident Fund Policy in China: Review and Future ReformChun Chen
2008Privatization, Land Market, and Land Use Conversion in ChinaK. W. Chau
2008Housing and Urban Upgrading in Yantai, ChinaUN Habitat
2006Housing Mortgage and Housing Transaction in China: Bridging the Missing LinksBo-sin Tang, Sing-Cheong Liu and Siu-wai Wong
2006China’s Housing Provident Fund: Its Success and LimitationsMattias Burell
2000The Restructuring of the Housing Finance System in Urban ChinaXing Quan Zhang
1998A Booming Housing Mortgage Market in ShanghaiJonson Cheng Cong
1990Urban and Rural Housing Reform in ChinaGu Yucheng
1986Commercialisation of Housing in ChinaEric Carlson
Social and Economic Implications of Chinese Housing Provident Fund Program and Its Policy Transfer FailureMin Wang
Housing Bubble and Government Regulation: Evidence from ChinaJerry Cao

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