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  Date Published Title Author
2017Distorted Advice in Financial Markets: Evidence from the Mortgage MarketLuigi Guiso, Andrea Pozzi, Anton Tsoy, Leonardo Gambacorta, Paolo Mistrulli
August 2016Profitability and Balance Sheet Repair of Italian BanksAndreas (Andy) Jobst and Anke Weber
2015A Strategy for Developing a Market for Nonperforming Loans in ItalyNadège Jassaud and Kenneth Kang
2014Reforming Tax Expenditures in Italy: What, Why and How?Justin Tyson
2013Measuring the commercial property prices in Italy: a first evidence from a transaction based approachFrancesco Zollino
2011Securitization is Not That Evil AfterallUgo Albertazzi, Ginette Eramo, Leonardo Gambacorta and Carmelo Salleo
2009Housing Finance in The Euro Area: Structural Issues ReportEuropean Central Bank
Insolvency and Enforcement Reforms in ItalyJase Garrido

Country Data

  Date Published Title Author
2013Financial Stability ReportBanca D'Italia

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