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  Date Published Title Author
July 2018IMF - Financial Sector Stability Assessment PeruIMF
2017IMF 2017 Article IV Consultation - Press Release; and Staff Report PeruInternational Monetary Fund
2017IMF June 2017 Selected Issues paperInternational Monetary Fund
2016Reverting to Informality: Unregistered Property Transactions and the Erosion of the Titling Reform in PeruItalo A. Gutierrez and Oswaldo Molina
2015Peru: 2015 Article IV Consultation - Press Release; Staff Report; and Statement by the Executive Director for Peru
2014Peru - Staff Report for the 2013 Article IV ConsultationInternational Monetary Fund
2013Peru Country ReportInternational Monetary Fund
2012Peru: Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies, 1930–1980Gonzalo Pastor
2011Situación InmobiliariaAnálisis Económico
2009Situación y Oportunidades del Sector Vivienda en El Perú: Cuaderno Nº 218 - 219Inter-American Housing Union (UNIAPRAVI)
2009Progressive Housing Approaches in the Current Peruvian PoliciesAna María Fernández-Maldonado and Jan Bredenoord
2009Situacion y Oportunidades del Sector Vivienda en el PeruRonald Sanchez Castro
2008Securitization of Mortgage PortfoliosPCI Consultants
2008Housing Finance Mechanisms in PeruUN Habitat
2007New Mechanisms for Developing Primary and Secondary Housing Finance Markets: The Case of PeruPaula Conthe
2006Credit & Loan Reporting Systems in PeruCorina Arteche Serra
2005Law 28579 on the Creation of Fondo MIVIVIENDA S.A.Congress of Peru
2003Information Sharing and Microfinance in PeruMartin Valdivia and Jonathan Bauchet
2003The Formalisation of Property in Peru 2001–2002: the Case of LimaJulio Calderon
2000Considerations for the Development of a Mortgage Market in PeruGerardo M. Gonzales
2000The Mortgage Industry in Peru: Entering the New MilleniumAlex Niezen

Laws and Regulations

  Date Published Title Author
2007Ley del BBP

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