Related Documents

  Date Published Title Author
December 2016SANAD Housing Finance Study: Housing Finance in the Middle East and North AfricaHans-Joachim Dübel and Olivier Hassler
2016The Role of Mortgage Liquidity Facilities in Housing Finance: Lessons Learned from Egypt, Tanzania, Nigeria and MalaysiaSarah Langhan
2012Tackling the Shelter Challenge: Developing the Mortgage Market in EgyptSahar Nasr
2011Maximising Use Value Action Guide for Informal AreasMinistry of Planning, Egypt
2009Program Document for a Proposed Affordable Mortgage Finance Program Development Policy Loan to the Arab Republic of EgyptInternational Bank for Reconstruction and Development
2008A Framework for Housing Policy Reforms in Urban Areas in EgyptThe World Bank, USAID TAPRII
2008Home Purchase in Nascent Mortgage Markets: Determinants of Who Borrows and Who Pays Cash in CairoRaymond J.Struyk, Ireny Roman
2007Presentation on Rental Housing Policy: Empirical Results TAPR II/USAID Greater Cairo SurveyHans-Joachim Dübel
2007Rental Housing Policy: International Best Practice and Options for EgyptHans-Joachim Dübel
2007Alternatives to the Fixed Rate Mortgage Instruments for EgyptUSAID-EGYPT
2007Egyptian Consumer Knowledge and Attitudes on Mortgage Finance and Property RegistrationUSAID-EGYPT
2007The Impact of Rent Control and Rental Housing ReformsHans-Joachim Dübel
2007Egyptian Consumers' Knowledge of Mortgage Finance and Property RegistrationRaymond Struyk
2006Egypt: Overview of the Housing SectorStephen Everhart
2006Update on Egypt Mortgage LendingRaymond Struyk
2006Egypt: Overview of the Housing SectorStephen Everhart, Berta Heybey and Patrick Carleton
2006Egypt Public Land Management StudyThe World Bank
December 1999 Mortgage Market Reform in EgyptNathan Associates Inc.
1998Welfare Analysis of Rent Control with Side Payments: A Natural Experiment in Cairo, EgyptStephen Malpezzi

Laws and Regulations

  Date Published Title Author
2001Real Estate Finance LawArab Republic of Egypt

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