General Assessment

Main constraints in the development of the housing finance sector  
New developments that will have a major impact on the sector 
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Notes: According to the law, mortgages can be insured but no practical examples of MI have been encountered during this research.
Notes: Actual value 1705.11
Notes: Actual value 2729.79
Notes: Actual value 4227.98
Notes: Actual value 4583.08
Notes: Actual value 509.76
Notes: Actual value 9796.90
Notes: By law, borrowers don't have the right to access their data in the credit bureau or credit registry.
Notes: Housing microfinance is not well developped in DRC. Only 2 MFIs registered to the BCC offer housing microfinance loans in the Kivu regions. IMF HEKIMA offers a 'Crédit solidaire aux enseignants et personnel soignants' to support housing. HEKIMA offers loans from 300 to 5 000 USD over 6 months zith a 2% interest rate to groups of people (10 to 50 people). PAIDEK offers a 'Credit Habitat' to individuals willing to imrpove their housing. The maximum amount offered by PAIDEK is 5000 USD over 15 months with a 2% interest rate (degressive).
Notes: The tax rate on rented buildings and land and subleases' profits are fixed at 22%.
Notes: 'The transfer of a building in the Democratic Republic of the Congo gives rise to the payment, by the purchaser, of a registration duty amounting to 3% of the building's value for a normal sale.'