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2019Do the Poor Pay More for Housing? Exploitation, Profit, and Risk in Rental MarketsMatthew Desmond and Nathan Williams
July 2018IMF Country Report on US IMF
March 27, 2018Failure to learn from failure: The 2008 mortgage crisis as a déjà vu of the mortgage meltdown of 1994Natalya Vinokurova
2018Real Trends: The Future of Real Estate in the United StatesAlbert Saiz, Arianna Salazar
2018Sand Castles Before the Tide? Affordable Housing in Expensive CitiesGabriel Metcalf
2018Homeownership and the American DreamLaurie S. Goodman and Christopher Mayer
2017The Case for Housing Finance ReformJerome H. Powell
2017The State of the Nation's Housing 2017
2017Rental Affordability Is WorseningFreddie Mac
November 2016Detecting Imbalances in House Prices: What Goes Up Must Come Down?Andre K. Anundsen
July 29, 2016Mortgage Default Risk: New Evidence From Internet Search QueriesMarcelle Chauvet, Stuart Gabriel, Chandler Lutz
June 2016A New Coalescence in the Housing Finance Reform Debate?Susan Wachter, PhD, and Patricia A. McCoy, JD
May 2016Who Bears the Cost of Recessions? The Role of House Prices and Household DebtAtif Mian
April 2016Who Wants Affordable Housing in their Backyard? An Equilibrium Analysis of Low Income Property DevelopmentRebecca Diamond
March 2016Housing Finance at a Glance - A Monthly ChartbookUrban Institute
2016 Credit, Securitization and Monetary Policy: Watch Out for Unintended ConsequencesAndrea Pescatori and Juan Solé
2016Housing Policies in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the United States: Lessons LearnedChristian A. L. Hilber
2016Housing Policies in UK, Switzerland, and USChristian Hilber, Olivier Schoni
May 21, 2015Mortgage Contract Design - Implications for Households, Monetary Policy, and Financial StabilityJames McAndrews
March 2015Next Steps in the Housing Finance Reform SagaSusan Wachter
2015A Quantitative Analysis of the U.S. Housing and Mortgage Markets and the Foreclosure CrisisSatyajit Chatterjee and Burcu Eyigungor
2015The State of the Nation's Housing 2015
2015The Macroeconomic Relevance of Credit Flows: An Exploration of U.S. DataAlexander Herman, Deniz Igan, and Juan Sole
2015Housing Survey - 2015Andreas Fuster and Basit Zafar
December 2014Transitioning to Alternative Structures for Housing FinanceCongressional Budget Office
November 2014The 2013 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act DataNeil Bhutta
October 23, 20142015 Supervisory Scenarios for Annual Stress Tests Required under the Dodd-Frank Act Stress Testing Rules and the Capital Plan RuleFederal Reserve
2014Aging and Real Estate Prices: Evidence from Japanese and US Regional DataYumi Saita
2014Supply Constraints Are Not Valid Instrumental Variables for Home Prices Because They Are Correlated with Many Demand FactorsThomas Davidoff
2014Quarterly Report on Household Debt and CreditFederal Reserve Bank of New York
2014The Senate Banking Committee’s Proposal For Replacing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Jack Guttentag
2014Regional US house price formation: One model ?ts all?Andre K. Anundsen
2014Credit Risk Retention
2014Labor Market Dynamics and Monetary Policy
2014Abandonment and Adverse PossessionSally Brown Richardson
November 2013Mortgage Market Conditions and Borrower Outcomes: Evidence from the 2012 HMDA Data and Matched HMDA–Credit Record DataNeil Bhutta
June 2013Rethinking the FHAJoseph Gyourko
2013Fannie Mae Progress ReportFannieMae
2013The Obama Administration’s Efforts to Stabilize the Housing Market and Help American HomeownersU.S Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S Department of Treasury
2013HUD FY 2012 Summary of Performance and Financial InformationU.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
2013A Pragmatic Plan for Housing Finance Reform (Full Report)Ellen Seidman
2013A Pragmatic Plan for Housing Finance Reform (Executive Summary)Ellen Seidman
2013Regulatory Capital Rules: Regulatory Capital, Implementation of Basel III, Capital Adequacy, Transition Provisions, Prompt Corrective Action, Standardized Approach for Risk-weighted Assets, Market Discipline and Disclosure Requirements, Advanced ApproacheThe Federal Reserve
20132013 CFPB Dodd-Frank Mortgage Rules Readiness GuideConsumer Financial Protection Bureau
2013The $5 Trillion Question: What Should We Do with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?John Griffith
2013Resurrection of RMBSMark Zandi
2013Will the Economic Recovery Shut Down?Freddie Mac
2013Reps and Warrants - Lessons from the GSELaurie S. Goodman
2013Liquidiy Coverage Ratio: Liquidity Risk Measurement, Standards and MonitoringOffice of the Comptroller of the Currency
2013The Downs and Ups of FHA Lending: The Government Mortgage Roller Coaster RideMarsha J. Courchane
2013A Profile of Housing and Health Among Older AmericansGary V. Engelhardt
2013Volcker Rule Section 619 - Order Approving Extension of Conformance Period
2013The Final rules for Section 619 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
2013Protecting Consumers from Irresponsible Mortgage LendingConsumer Financial Protection Bureau
2013Ability-to-Repay and Qualified Mortgage Standards under the Truth in Lending ActConsumer Financial Protection Bureau
2013Housing America's FutureBipartisan Policy Center
June 2012US Basel III Final Rule: Visual MemorandumDavis Polk
2012Conservator’s Report on the Enterprise’s Financial PerformanceFederal Housing Finance Agency
2012GinneMae Annual ReportGovernment National Mortgage Association
2012GinnieMae FY 2012 Report to CongressGovernment National Mortgage Association
2012Credit standards and the bubble in US house prices: new econometric evidence John V. Duca
2012Housing Assistance: Opportunities Exist to Increase Collaboration and Consider ConsolidationUnited States Government Accountability Office
2012Building a New Infrastructure for the Secondary Mortgage MarketFederal Housing Finance Agency
2012Shadow Banking: A Review of the LiteratureTobias Adrian
2012U.S. Economic & Housing Market Outlook - November 2012Frank E. Nothaft
2012Actuarial Review of the Federal Housing Administration Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund Forward Loans for Fiscal Year 2012U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
2012America’s Mortgage Laws in Historical PerspectiveAndra Ghent
2012Did the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Lead to Risky Lending?Sumit Agarwal
2012Banks' Liability Structure and Mortgage Lending During the Financial CrisisJihad C. Dagher
2012Freddie Mac June 2012 Rental Market Economic OutlookFreddie Mac
2012Credit Crunch: Is the CFPB Restricting Consumer Access to Credit?US House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
2012Review of Options Available for Underwater Borrowers and Principal ForgivenessUS Federal Housing Finance Agency
2012Appraisals for Higher-Risk Mortgage Loans
2012Foreclosure Externalities: Some New EvidenceKristopher Gerardi, Eric Rosenblatt, Paul S. Willen, and Vincent W. Yao
2012Summary of Proposed Loan Originator Rules
2012Treasury Department Announces Further Steps to Expedite Wind Down of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
2012Phasing Out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Is It Being Done Responsibly?Jack Guttentag
2012Dissecting Saving Dynamics: Measuring Wealth, Precautionary, and Credit EffectsChristopher Carroll, Jiri Slacalek and Martin Sommer
2012USA Country ReportInternational Monetary Fund
2012The Negative Impact of a Government-Mandated 10 Percent Down Payment for Qualified Residential Mortgages (QRMs)Center for Responsible Lending
2012Fair-Value Accounting for Federal Credit ProgramsDeborah Lucas
2012Myths and Facts Regarding the FHA Single Family Loan Guarantee PortfolioFederal Housing Administration
2012Addressing the Weak Housing Market: Is Principal Reduction the Answer?Edward J. DeMarco
2012Dealing With Household DebtInternational Monetary Fund
2012Preparing a Foundation for a More Efficient and Effective Housing Finance System: Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2013-2017Federal Housing Finance Agency
2012House of Cards: Reforming America’s Housing Finance SystemSatya Thallam
2012The U.S. Housing Market: Current Conditions and Policy ConsiderationsBoard of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
2011The Mortgage Market in 2010: Highlights from the Data Reported under the Home Mortgage Disclosure ActBoard of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
2011Counterparty Credit Risk Management in the US Over-the-Counter (OTC) Derivatives MarketsISDA
2011House Price Moments in Boom-Bust CyclesTodd Sinai
2011The Future of the Government Sponsored Enterprises: The Role for Government in the U.S. Mortgage MarketDwight Jaffee
2011The Supply Side of the Housing Boom and Bust of the 2000sAndrew Haughwout
2011Can Cheap Credit Explain the Housing Boom?Edward L. Glaeser
2011A Spatial Look at Housing BubblesDavid Genesove
2011Mortgage Financing in the Housing Boom and BustBenjamin J. Keys
2011Comments on "The Government’s Role in the Housing Finance System” by Karen Dynan and Ted GrayerDwight M. Jaffee
2011Reform of the GSEs and Housing FinancePhillip Swagel
2011Toward a Three Tiered Market for U.S. Home MortgagesRobert C. Pozen
2011Taking the Government Out of Housing Finance: Principles for Reforming the Housing Finance MarketPeter J. Wallison, Alex J. Pollock, Edward J. Pinto
2011Eliminating the GSEs as Part of Comprehensive Housing Finance ReformPeter J. Wallison
2011Rental Housing on an UpswingFreddie Mac
2011Credit Risk RetentionDepartment of the Treasury
2011Is FHA the Next Housing Bailout?Joseph Gyourko
2011Catastrophic Mortgage Insurance and the Reform of Fannie and FreddieJohn Quigley
2011The Economics of Housing Finance Reform: Privatizing, Regulating and Backstopping Mortgage MarketsDavid Scharfstein
2011U.S. Housing Reform Proposal FAQs: Filling the VoidFitch Ratings
2011The Government’s Role in the Housing Finance System: Where Do We Go from Here?Karen Dynan
2011Catastrophic Mortgage Insurance and the Reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie MacDiana Hancock
2011Consolidated Regulation and Supervision in the United StatesAshok Vir Bhatia
2011Taking the Government Out of Housing Finance: Principles for Reforming the Housing Finance MarketPeter J, Wallison, Alex J. Pollack, Edward J. Pinto
2011The Impact of Legislation on Credit Risk—Comparative Evidence From the United States, the United Kingdom and GermanyChristian Schmieder and Philipp Schmieder
2011May 2011 U.S. Economy and Housing Market OutlookFrank E. Nothaft
2011Proposed Rules to Implement the Credit Risk Retention of the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act & QRMThe U.S. OCC, Federal Reserve System Board, FDIC, SEC, FHFA, & HUD
2011The Budgetary Cost of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Options for the Future Federal Role in the Secondary Mortgage MarketTestimony Statement of Deborah Lucas
2011Reforming America’s Housing Finance Market: A Report to CongressU.S. Treasury and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
2011State of the Nation's Housing 2011Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University
2011Living in the Political Wake of the BubbleAlex J. Pollock
2011Private Rental Housing in the United StatesStephen Malpezzi
2011Home Sweet Home: Government’s Role in Reaching the American DreamEvridiki Tsounta
2011Characteristics of “High Conforming Jumbo Mortgages” and Implications for the Impact of Reductions in the Conforming Loan Limits for Fannie Mae and Freddie MacFederal Housing Finance Agency
2011Freddie Mac December 2011 Economic OutlookFreddie Mac
2011Homeownership Education and Counseling: Do We Know What Works?J. Michael Collins
2011Credit Risk Retention
2011Consumer Ruthlessness and Mortgage Default During the 2007-2009 Housing BustNeil Bhutta
2011Wall Street and The Financial Crisis: Anatomy of a Financial CollapseU.S. Senate: Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
2011Economic Geography, Jobs, and Regulations: The Value of Land and HousingNils Kok, Paavo Monkkonen, John M. Quigley
2011Mortgage Market Note 11-02, Qualified Residential MortgagesFederal Housing Finance Agency
2011Hearing on Legislative Proposals to Create a Covered Bond Market in the United StatesScott A. Stengel
2011Worst Case Housing Needs 2011 - Report to CongressUS Deparment of Housing and Urban Development
2011Government Policy and the Fixed Rate MortgageMichael Lea, Anthony B. Sanders
2011Anatomy of the Beginning of the Housing BoomFernando Ferriera, Joseph Gyourko
2010Summary of Key Provisions: Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
2010Covered Bonds: Potential Uses and Regulatory IssuesKenneth A. Snowden
2010Fannie and Freddie In Partes TresAlex J. Pollock
2010Twelve Steps to Improve Housing FinanceAlex J. Pollock
2010Banks and the Real Estate TemptationAlex J. Pollock
2010A Study of Real Estate Markets in Declining CitiesJames R. Follain
2010A Review of Statistical Problems in the Measurement of Mortgage Market Discrimination and Credit RiskAnthony M. Yezer
2010Updated 2010-2020 Household and New Home Demand ProjectionsGeorge S. Masnick, Daniel McCue, and Eric S. Belsky
2010Transfer and Assignment of Residential Mortgage Loans in the Secondary Mortgage MarketAmerican Securitization Forum, Inc.
2010The Affidavit Fiasco—Implications for Investors in Private Label SecuritiesMBS Strategy Group
2010The Depth of Negative Equity and Mortgage Default DecisionsNeil Bhutta
2010Understanding the Boom and Bust in Nonprime Mortgage LendingEric S. Belsky
2010Reassessing FHA RiskDiego Aragon
2010Reforming the U.S. Mortgage Market Through Private Market IncentivesDwight M. Jaffee
2010Two Faces: Demystifying the Mortgage Electronic Registration System's Land Title TheoryChristopher L. Peterson
March 2009A Hometown Bank Heeds a Call to Serve Its Islamic ClientsSamuel Freedman
February 2009Consumer Handbook on Adjustable-Rate MortgagesFederal Reserve
2009Housing and the Financial Crisis: Causes, Consequences, CuresMichael Stone
2009Spatial Patterns of Mortgage Delinquency in Major U.S. Metropolitan AreasPaul S. Calem
2009House Prices, Home Equity-Based Borrowing, and the U.S. Household Leverage CrisisAtif R. Mian
2009Fannie Mae and Freddie MacU.S. Government Accountability Office
2009Moral and Social Constraints to Strategic Default on MortgagesLuigi Guiso
2009Greenspan on Crisis Alan Greenspan
2009Show Me The MoneyAaron S. Edlin
2009Bank Stress Test Q and ASupervisory Capital Assessment Program
2009Audit Report on Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Regulatory Ethical Failures The Department of the Treasury Office of Inspector General
2009Why Don't Lenders Renegotiate More Home Mortgages? Redefaults, Self-Cures and SecuritizationManuel Adelino
2009The Role of Government Affordable Housing Policy in Creating the Global Financial Crisis of 2008Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
2009Understanding Strategic Default in Mortgages Part IExperian, Oliver Wyman
2009Forced Sales and House PricesJohn Y. Campbell, Stefano Giglio, and Parag Pathak
2009The Mortgage Crisis: US Versus DenmarkJack M. Guttentag
2009The Government Sponsored Enterprises: Recovering From a Failed ExperimentDwight Jaffee and John M. Quigley
2009Housing Policy, Mortgage Policy, and the Federal Housing AdministrationDwight Jaffee and John M. Quigley
2009It Wasn’t a Bubble—It Was a Double BubbleAlex J. Pollock
2009Reducing ForeclosuresChristopher L. Foote, Kristopher S. Gerardi, Lorenz Goette, Paul S. Willen
April 2008New York State Department of Taxation and Finance: Advisory Opinion Jonathan Pessen
2008Obsessed with public mortgage banking – the US should give the private sector a fair chanceHans-Joachim Dübel
2008Interventions in Mortgage Default: Policies and Practices to Prevent Home Loss and Lower CostsAmy Crews Cutts, William A. Merrill
2008Bankruptsy: Past Puzzles, Recent Reforms, and the Morgage CrisisMichelle J. White
2008House Prices, Interest Rates, and the Mortgage Market MeltdownChristopher Mayer
2008Mortgage Brokers in the UK versus the USJack M. Guttentag
2008Why the System is Vulnerable to CrisisJack M. Guttentag
2008The U.S. Subprime Mortgage Crisis: Issues Raised and Lessons LearnedDwight M. Jaffee
2008The Sub Prime Crisis: Implications for Emerging MarketsWilliam B. Gwinner and Anthony Sanders
2008The Sub-prime Problem: Causes and LessonsMark Adelson and David Jacob
2008Locking the Mortgage Is Critical In a Volatile MarketJack M. Guttentag
2008The U.S. Subprime Mortgage Crisis: Issues Raised and Lessons LearnedDwight M. Jaffee
2007Hearings on Ending Mortgage Abuse: Safeguarding HomebuyersAnthony M. Yezer
2007Mortgage Liquidity du Jour: Underestimated No MoreIvy L. Zelman, Dennis McGill, Justin Speer, and Alan Ratner
2007180 Years’ Evolution of the US Mortgage Banking System: Lessons for Emerging Mortgage MarketsMan Cho
2007180 Years' Evolution of the US Mortgage Banking System: Lessons for Emerging Mortgage MarketsMan Cho
2006How US-Style Title Insurance is Transforming Risk Management in European Real Estate MarketsJean-Bernard Wurm
2006A New Measure of the Local Regulatory Environment for Housing Markets: The Wharton Residential Land Use Regulatory IndexJoseph Gyourko, Albert Saiz, and Anita Summers
2006Federal Credit and Insurance Programs: HousingJohn M. Quigley
2005American ''Housing GSEs'': Past Triumphs, Present Tensions, Possible FuturesAlex J. Pollock
2004Credit Reports and Credit Scoring: The US CaseJack M. Guttentag
January 2003Mid-eastern Investment in U.S. Properties SoarsMichael Brick
2002Mortgage Banking Unbundling: Structure, Automation and ProfitMichael Jacobides
2002Equity Release MortgagesClarissa Huan
2002Making Mandatory Mortgage Disclosure Effective: Some GuidelinesJack Guttentag
2001The US Housing Finance System for Low-Income Families: A review of Recent Innovations and ChangesKenneth Temkin
2001Innovations in Microfinance for Housing in the United States and Emerging Markets: Can We Transfer Methodologies?Dr. Sally Rose Merrill
2001The MERS Reality: The Electronic Tracking of Mortgages in the United StatesKatie Oppy
2001The Federal Home Loan Banks and Risk Distribution in American Housing FinanceAlex J. Pollock
2001Mortgage Default Insurance: Credit Enhancement for OwnershipRoger Blood
2001The Structure and Evolution of American Secondary Mortgage Markets, with Some Implications for Developing MarketsRobert Van Order
2001Property Valuation Methods and Data in the United StatesCharles Calhoun
2000Expanding Mortgage Insurance Beyond the United StatesDavid Liu
2000The Potential of Scoring in International Mortgage LendingKen Palla
2000Comment on Steven C. Bourassa and William G. Grigsby’s “Income Tax Concessions for Owner-Occupied Housing"Kerry D. Vandell
2000Income Tax Concessions for Owner-Occupied HousingSteven C. Bourassa and William G. Grigsby
1999Securitization: What is Different about the USA?Adrian Coles
1999A New Housing Finance Option in the USA: MPF vs MBSAlex J. Pollock
1998Partnerships for Housing and Community DevelopmentNorman B. Rice
1997The State of Technology Use in the U.S. Mortgage IndustryJeff Lebowitz
1996Private Mortgage Insurance in the United States
1996Providing Alternatives to Mortgage Foreclosure: A Report to CongressCharles A. Capone, Jr.
1995Introduction of the Mortgage Superhighway for Residential LendersJohn Koch
1995Technology and Mortgage Banking in the United StatesJeff Lebowitz
1995Housing Finance in Developing Countries: Lessons From North AmericaDouglas Diamond, Jr.
1995The Non-profit Housing Movement in the United StatesF. Barton Harvey III
1995Government-Sponsored Enterprises and the Transformation of the American Housing Finance SystemThomas Stanton
1995Fannie Mae's Role in Serving Unmet Housing NeedsMartin D. Levine
1995Affordable Housing, the Federal Home Loan Bank System and the Federal Home Loan Bank of CincinnatiCharles Thiemann
1995Structural Changes in Housing Markets: The American, British, Australian and Canadian ExperiencesGeorge Fallis
1995Structural Changes in Housing Markets: The American, British, Australian and Canadian ExperiencesGeorge Fallis
1994Challenge and Change in the US Mortgage Market in the 1990sEllen Roche
1994The Determinants of Mortgage Default: Contrasting the American and Swedish ExperiencesPatric Hendershott
1994Interest Rate Regulation in US Housing FinanceFred Thompson
1994Mutual-to-Stock Conversions in the United StatesJonathan Fiechter
1993Housing Finance in Reforming Economies: The Joint World Bank USAID ExperienceMichael Cohen
1991Savings & Loans in the US: Current Review & Future ProspectsMichael Wilson
1990Past Trends and Current Realities in the US Housing MarketJohn A. Tuccillo
1990Fannie Mae: A Leader in American Home FinanceRichard Eisenberg
1990The 1989 Reform Legislation and its Impact on Savings Institutions in the USMichael Wilson
1990Fannie Mae & the US Housing Finance System: A Model for Others?Bernard Sharfman
1989US Agency Aims to Meet Challenge of Urban Growth
1989The Crisis in the US Thrift IndustryMark Boleat
1989The US Mortgage Market: a Statistical Overview
1989Housing Finance in the USA in the 1990sWarren Lasko
1989Major Changes in US Secondary MarketsRobert Van Order
1989The Largest US Thrifts
1988Adjustable Rate Mortgages - the US ExperienceMichael Wilson
1988How AID Works in Developing Countries
1988Land and Housing Policies in Europe and the USA book review
1986Capital Markets: US Housing Credit Agencies Forge an International ConnectionLeland Brendsel
1986US Savings Associations Stage a RecoveryNorman Strunk
1986Computers Ease Work in the US Mortgage MarketNatalie McKelvy
1986Has the United States Overinvested in Housing?Edwin S. Mills
1986Dawn of a new legislative era for Housing FinanceHousing Finance International
1974The Residential Mortgage Market in Recent Years: Structural Changes, Sectoral Behavior, and the Cost & Availability of Mortgage CreditFederal Reserve Bank of Richmond
1974Investor Participation in Financing Residential Mortgages: 1963-1972Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Implications of Fiscal Policy for Housing Tenure DecisionsAnastasia Girshina
Measuring House Price BubblesSteven C. Bourassa

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